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E-health works!

Eke Zijlstra's vblog

“In this vblog attention to the Webfysio' s eHealth platform of the Center for Physical Therapy and Physio training (CFF), which has proved its applicability and good functioning in practice.

 For the patient a motivator to keep doing the exercises and for the physical therapist the opportunity to accompany the patient at home.”

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Welcome to our eHealth Platform website

What is a eHealth Platform?
The eHealth Platform is created by and for healthcare professionals. It is developed for use in paramedic practices where the need existed to guide, advise, treat clients at home and provide good targeted and relevant health information.

The eHealth Platform is available to all healthcare professionals who are serious about e-health systems. The system can be used over the Internet via the PC and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Currently it support English and Dutch languages.

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"Safe, simpel and on all devices available"

"A personal touch for your clients "

eHealth ecosystem application can be:

  • Blended care – combination of contact with healthcare professionals and via the Internet;
  • Online care - only through the Internet without contacting healthcare professionals;
  • E-coaching/ consulting - coaching, consulting via the Internet;
  • E-learning/ Blended learning - educating/ training via the Internet and/ or in class;
  • E-patient dossiers, clients and case management activities (workflow management)
  • Online support system for services and/ or healthcare products.

Our vision
is that by working together we can achieve much more and build bridges creating added value within the healthcare sector. Our eHealth platform is not limited to specific target groups and can be applicable in various situations, depending on the needs.

Our aim is to establish an independent eHealth platform for healthcare professionals where the control lies with the healthcare professionals themselves. No centralized and/ or hierarchical approach, but with each other, bottom-up.

Why this eHealth Platform?
The eHealth Platform is under supervision of healthcare professionals:
The patient is central and the control will remain with the healthcare professionals.

The eHealth Platform is simple and effective:
After loggin in users can immediately start in a personal activity screen. Communicate easily with chat and view their activity agenda.

The eHealth Platform is customization and unlimited in terms of web resources:
 No "one-size fits all" approach. You can add your own content such as documents, video clips, create questionnaires and also share content with other professionals. Even the mobile app is customizable making sure it perfectly integrates with your organization’s style guide.

The eHealth Platform is private, secure and transparent:

Each practice will have its own version which can be customized optionally. The data is protected and secured by the commonly used security standards for healthcare services in the Netherlands.

The eHealth Platform is a choice for partnership for now and in the future:

Together we will create a list of desired new functionality which we will develop based on the priority. This ensures that the eHealth platform in the future will become even more in line with your needs and requirements, even when they will change over time.

The eHealth Platform team is independent :
Independence we find very important because we can stay focused on service & system quality, availability and support without being limited in any way.

The eHealth Platform is high quality at affordable prices:
We strive to keep costs down while the quality is guaranteed, so that we can successfully contribute to reducing healthcare costs while increasing the effectiveness of treatment.